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Past editions

  • Topics covered:
    • The Economist wrote about Nissan refocuses on the core business
    • McKinsey wrote about centralization
    • Bain wrote about measuring change capability
    • wrote about analytics in finance
  • My article: A guide to the chart of accounts
  • Fun stuff: Niantic’s upcoming Catan A/R game
  • A special on cost reduction:
    • Cost reduction and CSR
    • A model for cost reduction
    • Approach to cost reduction
    • Benchmarking
    • 10 ways to cut costs
    • What the experts say
      • McKinsey
      • Bain
      • Strategy&
  • Topics covered:
    • Too many management books
    • Investments in gaming & home fitness
    • Skills for remote managers
    • The future of maintenance
    • OpenAI’s commercial text generator
  • My article: Improving project management
  • Fun stuff: Crash landing on you

  • Topics covered:
    • Opening an account
    • Fair use of data in algorithms
    • Morality in business
    • Another failed use-case for blockchain
    • The endangered Asian century
  • My article: SAP ERP – R/3 vs. S/4HANA
  • Fun stuff: Streaming chill-hop music