Thank you for dropping by, as an introduction I’m Alexander Roan; a finance transformation professional with 15 years of experience. I started work as a graduate manager at Procter & Gamble after finishing a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2000. I spent around 7 years working on business services projects; rolling out SAP, starting up regional shared services, managing acquisitions integrations and looking after various areas of finance (processes and systems).

After P&G I moved onto management consulting where I had the chance to get more involved in the strategy around operating models and see inside lot’s of disparate companies. I also continued to work within the details of finance processes and systems.

In recent years I’ve enjoyed the luxury of contracting 3-6 months per year mixed with travelling  which allows me the opportunity to pursue my interests in photography, asian culture and learning Japanese.

I love having the opportunity to experience life in both the business and creative worlds. I think they complement each other amazingly well. I’m a big believer that business people are way more creative than they think and creative people could succeed better in business, we just need a positive outlook, a little coaching and the chance to experience it..

This website blog is a place to share my experience and some points of view.